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Services in Sport

We offer tailor-made services in sport. The globe is playground for us, so no matter where you are - we can give you high quality results.

Find out how different media channels use your content. Have it fast and reliable in your hands.

Control and protect your sports assets in a fast-growing, global media landscape.

Evaluate your sponsorship and sports marketing rights in a realistic and comparable way.

Discover helpful insights about your engagement or asset in sports to achieve your goals.

Get fast answers to the most complex questions using your sports business data of any size.

Prevent illegal online distribution of your premium live content and  focusing on live sports content.


Marc Rapparlié
Managing Director & Founder

Bruno Lalande
Managing Partner

Marina Schmidt
Head Business Development

Kristen Paternoster
Director Research


Our customers are well-known clubs, international associations, institutions and sports marketing associations, the holder of global sports rights.

DKB Handball-Bundesliga
Croatia Open Umag