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The globe is our playground; no matter where your property is active – we provide you with worldwide high-quality results.


What We Do & How

We deliver tailor-made consulting based on various monitoring services and media analysis to provide you and your stakeholders with goal-oriented answers. No matter your area of interest, we will help you find the best solution to fit Your monitoring needs.

Audience Data Research

We conduct worldwide deep audience data analytics and research. We help our clients to find the most cost-effective way to get the data they need.

Inside Africa

We deliver insights for the African Sports and Sponsorship Market on a new level.

Market Research

Together with our partners, Platformation Enterprise Services Ltd., we offer a full suite of market research services worldwide.

TV Rights Controlling

Control and protect your sports assets in a fast-growing, global media landscape.

Audience Data Modeling

Based on a scientific system, we model audience data for non-measured TV channels fast and reliable.


Easy and fast system to track Advertising Campaigns or inserts on relevant Media platforms with a full range of visual statistics.

Sponsorship Evaluation

Evaluate your sponsorship and sports marketing rights realistically and comparably.

Worldwide Media Monitoring

With World2Capture™ network we are able to track over 3.500 Media channels in over 190 Markets and find your footage.

Big Data in Sport

Get fast answers to the most complex questions using your sports business data of any size.

Media Auditing & Consultancy

Discover helpful insights about your engagement or asset in sports to achieve your goals or get an audit of your Sports Rights investments.

TV Guide Reporting

We track over 27.000 Channels. A fast and reliable way to see worldwide where content will be on air on TV and OTT.

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our story

How we’ve Grown Together with Our Clients.

We grew in different continents in the world and collected many insights about existing and emerging sports markets. Our team grew as experts from diverse disciplines like marketing, TV programming, TV-rights marketing, and sports research specialists joined.

New York







Hong Kong


“Made In” Germany

Global MMK was found by Marc Rapparlié in Schriesheim/Heidelberg which remained till this day the headquarter of the company.

Go East

An office in China has been opened to offer local access to a market where presence on-site is absolutely necessary to meet the expectations and fully settle our claim of high quality.

Zagreb Calling

The company expanded to Croatia in order to service and develop the sponsoring market in the Eastern European countries.

Hong Kong

Based on the needs of market, Global MMK extends the services options for clients out of Greater China.

Bon Jour

Global Sports Synergies cooperation created for French speaking markets which also extends the services to the African continent with the African Market Research company IMMAR.

World on unique Platform

All our services on one place: TV Guide, World2Capture, Match Maker, Harmonised Ratings Database.


Meet Our Team

Marc Rapparlié

CEO & Founder

+49 1713 152 767
[email protected]

Bruno Lalande

Managing Partner

+33 6 79 58 35 65
[email protected]

Marina Schmidt

Head of Business Development

+49 6203 955 083-6
[email protected]


Full-Service Approach for Sponsorship Commitment

Obtain everything from a single source, a one-stop-shop. Sponsorship has no longer been the exotic communications tool deployed but an accepted part of networked campaigns.

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