SPORTO: Brunch in Zagreb in partnership with CiV, Global MMK joins the conference partners

13. March 2014 | sporto.si

We are happy to announce two more partnership deals. Joining the SPORTO partners is the German-based market research and consulting company Global MMK, while S. V. – RSA, sports communications, the conference organiser, has also signed a partnership agreement with the Zagreb-based consulting agency CiV. Together with CiV, we will be hosting two SPORTO Brunch events in Zagreb, Croatia.

The main goal and motive for the partnership of CiV and S. V. – RSA is the desire to share knowledge and good praxis in the field of sports marketing and sponsorship and set (even) higher standards on this business field in the region. Both parties agree that sponsorship is, also because of limited market insights and information about the possibilities it offers, still an undervalued tool of marketing communications and has huge potential to grow. As part of the partnership, two smaller events, named SPORTO Brunch, will be organised in Zagreb as a preface of the SPORTO Conference. The main event will otherwise be held for the 11th consecutive time in (S)Portorož on November 20th and 21st. Together with CiV, we are also conducting a survey about the sponsorship market in Slovenia and Croatia that should give us better insight into both markets.

Dragan Perendija of S. V. – RSA, sports communication, the SPORTO Conference organiser, said: »Sports marketing and sponsorship are still a relatively young, but very exciting part of the business. Since the beginning, SPORTO believes in sport as a universal platform without geographical or language barriers. The region connects us, while our partnership with CiV gives us another impulse to upgrade our activities.« CiV representative Viktor Vetturelli added: »I am happy that we have found a great partner in the Slovenian agency S. V. – RSA. Because we are in the same business field, I am confident that the co-operation will bring benefits to our clients, with which we work on different campaigns. I am sure that the outcome of this partnership will be that everyone involved in sports marketing and sponsorship will get even more and better information.«

Global MMK: SPORTO the best partner to help us reach our goals

Global MMK, a Germany based company with offices in China, USA and Croatia, has become a partner of SPORTO. They are an interface between media, market and communication and provide their clients with in-depth market analyses and strategies & consulting. Their goal is to help clients with insight that benefits their strategic management of sponsorship and tailor-made products in media evaluation and market research in sport. Global MMK has a strong link to the Eastern European market, as it is firmly established in this part of the world with its office in Zagreb, Croatia. They have partnerships with many major associations, clubs and sports events, like Formula 1, IHF, EHF Champions League and NBA.

Marc Rapparlie, Global MMK’s CEO, explained the company’s ambition to become a partner of SPORTO: »Our primary goal is to strengthen our presence in the regional sports market. We want to meet with the key players in the industry and let them know that we are here and what we can do. We believe that the SPORTO is the best partner to help us reach our goals because of their credibility and experience in the market. The SPORTO conference is the ideal platform for us to not only share our knowledge, but to expand it as well.«

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